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The idea is simple - find 42 numbers on the rocket launch pad quicker than your opponent, launch a missile rocket in time and destroy him before he destroys you!

Play online against your friend or random opponents.

Help yourself with special abilities if you get stuck. But be careful, triggering an ability will take effect for both players!


The game itself is pretty easy and usually takes around 1 minute so you can play it on your short commute, when you're waiting in a queue or if you are stuck in a traffic jam. It also helps to improve your memory and to develop your brain in general. So play it, it's healthy! 🍆

We have packed the game with lots of cool things from top to bottom. The combination of sleek design, hand-drawn illustrations, cool effects and adaptive music will help create an immersive experience for when you are thumb deep in epic battles!

1 idea, 2 friends, 3 years, 900 commits, 23.000 lines of code, 1 baby, 2 engagements (💍 ), 1 wedding (😬 ), 2 continents and hundreds of hours in development. 👈  That's our game.

Hope you will enjoy playing it. It's for free.

P.S. We don't recommend to play it with your partners - it can cause some serious fights! :)

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